Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today's joke

An oldman goes sees a doctor regarding his problem, at the clinic, he said, "doctor, I have this big problem, but it doesn't bother me so much, you see, i keep on farting every seconds but it doesn't make any sound or produce any smell, and actually i've been farted more than 20 times since i come in to your office".
The doctor nodded his head, try to understand his patient problem, the he says, "Take this medicine, finished it and come back see me after a week".
A week later..
The oldman return to the doctor, unsatisfied with the medicine, he says"i'm still farting, but now even worst as it smell so badly but still no sound, what kind of medicine you give me anyways..".
Happily the doctor replies, "Good, now that we have cleared your nose and you were able to smell again, let move on to your's ears next".

Man: My Laptop is not working,i can't turn it on. I've just brought it yesterday.
Technician : What happen?
Man : It's says multi-tasking so i assume it allow me to surf, chat and watch video at the same time.
Technician : Which video do you watch?
Man : Tutorial video on how to keep balance under water.
Technician: Whom to you chat with?
Man: My old friend from college, he's a surf genius.
Techncian: And which sites you surf?
Man: Sites? is that a new place? i dunno bout that. I just go down to the local beach, get my board,and go surfing.
Technician: ...

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