Sunday, May 17, 2009

Take A Break ..

TaB #1
Policeman: you can't park your car here.
Driver: why not?
Policeman: read the sign!
Driver: i did, it says, "Fine to Park", so i parked.

TaB #2
While he was talking to me, his nurse came in and said, "Doctor, there is a man here who thinks he's Invisible". The Doctor said, "Tell him i can't see him"

TaB #3
A man is buying a TV.
Man: Do you have color TV's?
Salesman: Sure
Man: Give me the Green one, please.

TaB #4
I remember one time i told my Doctor i had a ringing in my ears. His advice to me, "Don't answer it"

TaB #5
A man calls Air Asia.
Man: How long does it take to fly to Kuching?
Sales Rep: Just a sec
Man: Thank you - says the man and hangs up

TaB #6
FedEX is expected to joinits major competitor UPS, and become FedUP!

TaB #7
The patient says" Give me the bad news first"!
Doctor replies "You've got AIDS"
"Oh no,what could be worse than that? ask the patient.
"You've also got Alzheimer's disease"
Patient - Oh ... well, that's not so bad. At least i dont have AIDS.

TaB #8
Things people actually said in Interview. Word for word.
Q - What is your date of Birth?
A - July 15
Q - What year?
A - Every year lo..

TaB #9
What did one Ghost say to another?
"Do you believe in People?"

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