Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today 's Joke - Tom

1) Tom was doing an experiment on a cockroach, and he thought this will get him some sort of recognition. First, He cut off one of the cockroach's legs. Then he put it on the floor, and shouted "WALK!". The cockroach walked like normal. Then he cut off the second leg, and shouted at it again; "WALK!". Indeed, the cockroach walked like before. Feeling a bit frustrated but committed, he cut off the third leg and shouted at it again. It still walked. Losing all hope, he cut off the fourth leg and when he shouted at it to walk, the cockroach just stayed still, unable to walk.

Then Tom yelled at the top of his lungs "I GOT IT!! I DISCOVERED IT!! When I cut off all the cockroaches' legs, IT GOES DEAF!"

2) Tom was at this restaurant and he went to wash his hands. After a few minutes, he started to scrubbing and washing the sink. The restaurant manager walked by, and was puzzled at Tom's actions. He asked, "Sir, why are you washing the sink?"

Tom just pointed to the sign above the sink, which stated - "WASH BASIN"

3) Tom visited the psychiatrist for a checkup. The psychiatrist said "Tom, imagine that you are at the 20th floor of a building. Suddenly the building caught on fire from below. Now, what would you do?"

Tom replied calmly, "Well Doc, I would just stop imagining now"

4) Tom was with his wife at the back seat of a cab. After a while, Tom noticed that the cab driver was staring at his wife through the rear view mirror, licking his lips and all. Noticing this, Tom felt uneasy and pissed off.

Tom yelled at the cab driver, "HEY YOU! I know what you're doing you jerk! Now you stop this car, let me drive the cab while you go and sit behind there with my wife!!"

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