Thursday, January 1, 2009

Alphabetical order

A plane is flying over the United States at night.

The pilot says "Ladies and gentlemen, the plane is losing altitude and all the luggage has to be thrown out." After a while, the pilot says "We are still losing altitude, we have to throw something out of the cabin." Eventhough things are thrown out, the plane continues to lose altitude. The pilot "We are still going down! We need to throw out some people... " The passengers sigh. The pilos "But to do tht, the passengers will be thrown out in alphabetical order! So... A... are there any africans aboard?" Nobody moves. "B... any blacks aboard?" No movement. "C... any caribbean aboard?" Nobody moves again. A black kid turns to his father and asks "Dad? What are we?" The father: "Son, tonight we're Zulus... "

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